Fast Track Homeward Bound Therapy Program

Fast Track Therapy Significantly Reduces Rehab Time

1.10Most patients who enter a rehabilitation facility have one goal – recover quickly and go home. With that in mind, Pine Valley created the Fast Track Homeward Bound Therapy Program, designed specifically to get the patient back to their previous level of functioning as soon as possible. As the only rehabilitative center in Rockland County to offer this type of program, the Fast Track Program has met with tremendous success, reducing the overall length of stay by half the time.

An accepted medical premise is that consistent therapy, received daily, will significantly reduce the patient’s recovery time. The Fast Track Program offers participants the full range of therapies, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

Candidates for the Fast Track Program include patients with orthopedic issues (joint replacements, joint fractures, joint injuries, back injuries, spinal fractures, etc.), prosthetic trainings (amputations, orthotics and prosthetics), stroke recovery and cardiac recovery (valve replacements, heart attack, bypass surgery, etc.).

If a patient is deemed a candidate for the Fast Track Program, our experienced interdisciplinary team of therapists, nurses and social workers meet and design an Individualized Treatment Plan tailored for each patient. Based on this treatment plan, the patient will receive one-on-one individual therapy for 3–4 hours each day in Pine Valley’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym, which is equipped with specialized equipment and technology.

When Robert came to Pine Valley, he couldn’t walk, dress himself, feed himself or even sit up. He entered the Fast Track Program and just a short period of time later he walked out of Pine Valley to his car, to drive home. Robert explains, “I had therapy at least twice a day, every single day. The progress was gradual but consistent. Each day I was stronger and more capable. As I walked to the car when leaving the facility, I was amazed that I was already well enough to go home.

The Fast Track Program is designed to provide patients with an individualized rehabilitation program where they receive daily therapy – thereby speeding recovery, regaining strength and relearning skills – so they can return to their daily lives as quickly as possible. As Robert can attest, the Fast Track Program really had him homeward bound – fast.