Rabbi Shea Drillman: Over And Above

When researching rehab programs for his ailing mother, Rabbi Shia Drillman began hearing good things about The Pine Valley Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.

After his mother underwent two lengthy rounds of intensive rehab at Pine Valley to recover from a stroke and then surgery, Rabbi Drillman has his own good things to say about the facility, the staff and the therapy. “The nurses and aides are VERY on top of things. They worked really hard in order that my mother understood the process and participated in therapy. And they went out of their way to be solicitous to us.”

Rabbi Drillman was most impressed by the administration’s genuine commitment to their residents and willingness to go over and above to help. “After my mother returned home,” Relates Rabbi Drillman, “We faced an emergency. We had run out of a certain medical supply item right before Shabbos. All the local home health care stores were out of stock and it was Erev Shabbos. As a last resort, I called Shabsi, the Resident Liaison at Pine Valley. Not only did he find the item we needed, he personally delivered it to my home hours before Shabbos!”