Patient Success Story: Care That Goes Above And Beyond

Over the past several years, Avrohom’s father, Shlomo, has been in and out of numerous hospitals, suffering from pneumonia, heart ailments and diabetes. Since his last hospitalization left him weak and bedridden, Shlomo came to Pine Valley for intensive therapy designed to get him back on his feet and home.

“The actual therapies themselves are 150% above and beyond.  The quality, commitment and dedication of the staff are unparalleled to any other rehabilitation center my father attended,” Avrohom emphasized.  He was especially impressed by Pine Valley’s open door policy stating, “Any issue that came up they were attentive to.  And they were always available to listen, to help and accommodate our requests – as long as it didn’t sacrifice the care of our father.”

Besides the outstanding therapies, for Avrohom and his eight siblings the greatest benefit was Pine Valley’s accommodation of their religious beliefs.  Although it is located within the frum community, several of Avrohom’s siblings don’t live within comfortable walking distance.  Pine Valley worked with the family to provide sleeping arrangements, in addition to providing food in the Shabbos kitchen.  Avrohom’s sister, Rivky, could not believe this kitchen; challahs, grape juice, fish, cholent, kugels, salads, chicken – full fresh Shabbos meals.  All for the patient’s family, let alone the patient.

Rivky stressed that “it’s so nice what they do to make Orthodox patients and families comfortable.  All of the staff are aware of the many religious issues that may come up, and they are so accommodating, making everything easy.  My father can even attend a shiur if he wishes.”  Although it was hard for Shlomo to be away from home, the excellent service, the attentive care and the warmth he received turned what could have been a difficult situation into one that was tolerable – even enjoyable.