Mrs. Rachel Rokowsky: Breathing A Little Easier Thanks To Pine Valley

Isaac Rokowsky’s mother has been at Pine Valley for over two years. Although she was enduring health problems, the family had been gladly caring for her at home with the help of 24-hour nursing care.

When her condition worsened and she required a feeding tube, the family came to the difficult realization that she would be better off at a nursing and rehab facility. “Everything is right there”, says Mr. Rokowsky about Pine Valley. “You have doctors there on the spot that specialize in dealing with medical conditions in seniors. The nurses are as nice as can be and are checking on her, day and night. Every person on every shift is completely devoted.”

The staff at Pine Valley understands the importance of family’s role in the care of their loved one. Therefore, they maintain an open door policy to accommodate the needs and requests of loved ones.

“I visit her every day and we have an aide with her 24 hours a day, seven days a week in her private room,” says Mr. Rokowsky. “The atmosphere is wonderful. Every day, the aides get her dressed and put on her sheitel and jewelry. She looks likes she’s ready to go to a chasunah! And every time I come to visit, every single person says ‘hello’ and ‘good morning’ and ‘how good my mother looks that day’.

Pine Valley came highly recommended as having the best care possible. They live up to their reputation.”