Spotlight On Shabsi Broyde Patient Liaison

When Michael noticed another resident with an illuminated magnifying glass with an LED light, he thought it would be the perfect thing to help him do his crossword puzzles at night when he couldn’t sleep.

The only issue was – where to get it and how to get it. Then, he remembered Shabsi Broyde.

Shabsi Brody is a new patient liaison at Pine Valley whose main focus is to make sure the residents are happy and have everything they may need. Whether it’s resolving an issue with the physical facility (like getting a new bed, a different room or an additional dresser), or getting the resident an item from outside the facility (like nail clippers, sushi or an illuminated magnifying glass), Shabsi will do whatever is necessary to make the resident feel happy and at home.

Shabsi does more than just provide physical comforts. He is also an extremely valuable source of comfort for both the patients and their families, who feel secure knowing that someone is there for them or their family member if they need him. Freely giving out his cell phone number, it is commonly known that Shabsi is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, for whatever one may need. “He really answers the phone every time I call, no matter what time of the day it is,” remarks Avi. “Since I live in Brooklyn, its simply not possible for me to be there for my mother whenever she needs something. Just knowing that Shabsi is reachable whenever I or she needs something gives both me and my mother such peace of mind. Because he is fluent in Yiddish, he can even go and visit my mother for me when I cannot get there.”

As the “go to” person for anything residents need, Shabsi has become a close friend and advocate for many of the residents and their families. Although home is always the best place to be, with Shabsi Brody on board, Pine Valley feels like home and also like family.

*All names and details have been changed to protect the privacy of the patients and their families.