Summary of the Person’s Life Experience

Born in around 1930, Warren Edward Buffett is regarded as world’s most successful investor (Blair, 2004). His birthplace is Omaha, Nebraska. Buffett was the second-born and the only son of Congressman Howard Buffett, who had three children. Buffett first attended Rose Hill Elementary School, but in 1942, his father relocated to Washington D.C, after being elected into the US Congress. While in Washington DC, Buffet completed his elementary education and got enrolled in Alice Deal Junior High School. In 1947, Buffett completed his high school education from Woodrow Wilson High School, after which he started venturing into entrepreneurship and investment. It is noted in his bios that Buffett wanted to venture into businesses, instead of going directly to the college, but his father overruled his desires. Thus, Buffett had exhibited a desire to enter into business at a tender age, as most of his childhood years were livened up with business interests. Buffett started his business by selling Coca-Cola bottles, chewing gums, and weekly magazines through sidewalks. I’ve read at that Buffett made even up to $175 monthly through newspaper delivery in his high school life. He finished his university degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, at the age of 19. In 1951, Buffett enrolled at Columbia University to pursue A Masters of Science in Economics.

Buffett has also been recognized as one of the great thinkers in the world. His contributions to philanthropy can be attributed to his personality, not so common in many people of his caliber. In this respect, Buffett has severally written of his belief that his children will never inherit a substantial amount of his wealth and he would give them just sufficient to feel doing anything, but not-so-much wealth to feel doing nothing. He has also indicated that he would give most of his wealth to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and this would be the greatest donation to have ever made in history.